Black Hat SEO Tactics You Should Stop Now

Black Hat SEO Tactics You Should Stop Now

Black Hat SEO Tactics You Should Stop Now

Posted by Srijidh Madhavan | February 22, 2017 | SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a simple strategy to improve search traffic to your site.There are guidelines which we usually call best practices if followed correctly site rank will be improved; thus the traffic.

There are some techniques which can be used to get good results and lots of traffic to your website, but unfortunately those last for a short These techniques are known as bad SEO practices or Black Hat SEO tactics.These practices are considered to be unethical, outdated or not valid by search engines.While good SEO promotes the website and improve the search engine rankings bad SEO will result in the opposite.

Here are some of the mistakes people do without even knowing that it’s actually doing bad for the content or website they own.

Auto Generated Content

Google is committed to giving users the best search experience, google trying to show the search results that provide value to the internet users.Sometimes site owners use bot and snippets to auto generate content or pages that contain preferred keywords but don’t have any valuable information.

In this latest video, Search Engineer Matt Cutts says Google will take action against websites creating automatically generated content for SEO because this is bad for user experience.

If you really want to rank your domain and do well on the web, you have to produce unique and authentic content which is useful to your targeted audience.There is no alternative for the good original content.

Bad Backlinks

What links considered to be bad links:

  • Links from irrelevant and spammy sites
    • If you are building links from a low-authority website, it can hurt your SEO rankings.
  • Repeated too many times on the domain
    • If Google sees too many links pointing back to your domain on a certain site, it may flag that as suspicious.
  • Link Exchange
    • Google is wise enough to detect the reciprocal link exchanges.If google finds too many traded links between two sources, it could negatively affect your domain authority.
  • It is Isolated From Any Meaningful Content
    • Posting any kind of link without content accompanying it is bad—it doesn’t matter if you do it in a blog comment, forum post or any other medium.

It is true that links still play a very important role in your SEO strategy.Today, many SEO practitioners are moving away from the traditional link building techniques.They are nurturing the links through more natural ways.Specifically creation and promotion of thoroughly researched original content; which will earn links naturally without ever manually building a link from an outside source.


Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique used to trick the search engine by delivering one content or information to the user and completely different content to search engine crawlers for the same search.Cloaking is used to achieve better indexing.We can call cloaking as a search engine spam.Some claim that cloaking can be used to safely and not a harmful method.But if you ask me whether you should do cloaking, my answer will be NO.Basically cloaking is tricking the search engine and search engines don’t like to be tricked.
Most search engines are against cloaking. Some of them will ban your site if cloaking is detected. If anyone will try to convince you to use cloaking – don’t buy it.

Duplicate Content

We all know that duplicate content is a bad thing, right? why is it bad?

Duplicate content is any content that appears on the internet in multiple places(URLs).You shouldn’t copy contents from another website and add to your site.Even if you are the author of an article you cannot use the same content in multiple places, including two different pages on the same site!!!.

Duplicate content is a bad thing because the search engine cannot understand which version of the page or information is original and more relevant to the search.Since search engines rarely show multiple duplicate pieces of content, they are forced to choose which one of the content is more relevant or best.When duplicate content is present, site owners suffer rankings and traffic losses.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is bad SEO technique which is used by site owners to manipulate their rankings for a keyword or a set of keywords.Keyword stuffing not only makes the web page looks spammy but also hurts your rankings.When you stuff the keywords you may see an initial hike on rankings but remember one thing search engines are not dumb.They will detect the keyword stuffing and if caught, the will penalize a keyword stuffed site or completely remove it from the index.Write for the user, not the search engines. The content should read naturally, not feel or sound forced.


SEO is a long term strategy.Your SEO strategy should consider all the relevant factors that affect your rankings.If you follow the black hat techniques you may get results for a short term.But most of these tricks get your site banned from the search engines.

This article provides the five areas that I considered to be the most abused.SEO is still effective, but it has changed. You need to adapt your strategy accordingly.

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