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Social media is the latest phenomenon for brands across all industries. It can technically be defined as, “websites and applications used for social networking”. However, it’s so much more than that. It’s any online interaction between people that create and share information and ideas. People can exchange all of this information to others by using social media platforms. The most popular platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Social media can open a lot of doors for your business. This is where your customers can engage with your brand with the click of a button. Actively using social media gives you direct access to reach your target audience. There are countless opportunities for increasing brand awareness and recognition, building new business relationships, driving traffic to your website, capturing and nurturing leads, discovering customer needs and driving sales.

The world is going social. As of January 2016, there are more than 2 BILLION active social network users around the world… and using social media gives you the opportunity to reach them! So many of us log into our social accounts every day because we’re human and we have strong desires to be social. During the buying cycle, we trust peer recommendations more than traditional advertisements and can receive all the information we need about a product or service by using social media and other online outlets.

It all depends on your industry. If you work for a B2C company, you’ll likely see the most benefit from using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. If your company provides mostly B2B products and services, you can see tremendous benefits from using LinkedIn.

Website Design

If you are interested in a new web project, call at +91 8089462726 or contact us through our website to get started. We will discuss with you all your needs and work with you to put together a detailed scope. Once signed off on we will begin the design of your new website and keep working with you from there.

Yes, your website hosting package comes with unlimited email accounts. We will help you figure out the best way to handle processing your business emails, whether it’s setting up new accounts, or forwarding your emails to your current address.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It refers to techniques that help your website become more visible in organic search results for the people who are looking for your brand, product, or service via search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Organic results are the results that appear in search engines, for free, based on an algorithm. Paid — or inorganic — search results appear at the top or side of a page. These are the links that advertisers pay to appear on different search engines.

Internal links are links on a page on your site that go to another page on your site. Inbound links are other websites that link to your content. Both are valuable for SEO.

Just like you should avoid stuffing too many keywords into your content, you should avoid stuffing too many links into your content. Only include them when it improves the reader experience.

This is a page that gives search engines information about the pages a company wants indexed or crawled. You can find this page by doing to YOURDOMAIN/robots.txt.

This file is an index of all the pages on your site. It’s a quick reference for search engines of content that you want indexed.

Usually, it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing results but bear in mind this is when you start seeing results, and SEO results grow over time. Whatever results you’re getting at 6 months should be considerably less than what you’re getting at 12 months

It’s as easy as typing in site:www.YOURDOMAIN.com to find the pages on your site that are indexed.

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