The Quinconx Story – How we got started

The Quinconx Story – How we got started

The Quinconx Story – How we got started

Posted by auyadhu | January 20, 2017 | Quinconx

There is a question I often gets when I introduce my company.

What’s the name again?

Sorry, what?

Is it King Kong, as in the movies? (yes, someone indeed asked me that)

I don’t blame them, we do have a complex name hard to spell and pronounce.

So I thought I’ll let you in on the story of how we got that name and how we got started.

It’s all started from our college. All us, all five of the founding members were classmates. 2009 to 2013 we were doing our bachelor’s in computer engineering. The hangouts, tours, celebrations and project works made our bond stronger. By end of the fifth semester, we had this big dream of running a company together. We had skills but we didn’t know a thing about how to run a business.

Those were the challenging days in our life. We started reading about traditional businesses, tech startups, business ideas, customer acquisitions and anything we managed to find about build a business from scratch and generating revenue. We worked a lot to develop the skills we didn’t have but needed for the business. While our other friends were preparing for job interviews and finding jobs in reputable companies, we were busy knowing everything on how to run a company.

It was around that time, we decided to name our company. Being college students we overwhelmed by the idea of starting a business. We searched for a unique business name so long we ended up making up our own name. Yes, Quinconx is not a real word. It’s a word we made from the geometrical pattern Quincunx.

For those who don’t know. Quincunx /ˈkwɪn.kʌŋks/ is a geometric pattern consisting of five points arranged in a cross, with four of them forming a square or rectangle and a fifth at its center. There were five of us, so we thought it was perfect for representing us. You may think that’s silly but we were five computer engineers in college and it was the best we could come up with 🙂 and we named our company Quinconx. After college, the first thing we did was register our company. And that’s how Quinconx Technologies was born.

Fast forwarding a few years, we realized that there is a huge gap between technology and marketing. The traditional outbound way of marketing was no longer working. Earlier, a cold call and interruptive ads on websites would do the job. But now the customer has more power on who should call them and what should they see on the internet. The marketing world was changing. We realized that there were businesses especially small business had a hard time coping with this change. Deciding to help them we changed our business model into a creative digital marketing agency. From that day, we are working with small businesses around the globe to scale and grow their business with our digital marketing strategies.

Like every other entrepreneurial journey, ours wasn’t a smooth walk through the rose garden, it had its share of thorns. Emotionally and financially, past few years of our life had been a roller-coaster ride. But we had a chance to help people with their dreams, work with them and touch their lives. At the end of the day, it’s all that mattered.

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