Your business needs a digital makeover

Your business needs a digital makeover

Your business needs a digital makeover

Posted by auyadhu | January 23, 2017 | Marketing

Imagine every potential customer out there searching for the services they need on the Internet and converts to your paying customer.

Sure you think it’s a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea, Right?

In a world where digital marketing is overtaking the traditional marketing, digital presence can be a deciding factor between a business that’s booming and one that’s, well, bankrupt.

Business directories, information websites, and consumer generated reviews play a vital role in increasing transparency and empowering the consumers, which totally changed the game. Nowadays over 77% of the consumers searches on the Internet before making a decision. This makes digital content the key to decision making.

93% of the online experiences begins with a search engine, 68% of them uses Google to do so. Combine with the fact that top 5 results on the Google get 67% of the all the clicks, and you get the idea why your digital presence is so important to your business success.

Now you know having a cool website and a sleek logo isn’t enough digital presence. Your credibility is associated with your online presence.

If your business doesn’t appear on the first page for whatever your ideal customer is searching, there is a good chance that they don’t know you exist. So, here are the absolute reasons why your business needs a complete digital makeover.

1. Your website is old

There was a time website were a luxury for businesses. Smart business owners now realized that how they express themselves online is crucial to how well perform in today’s economy. Nowadays websites are mandatory for your business as a phone number and a logo.

Okay, so your business does have a website. When was the last time you updated it with your recent products, services, and photographs of you and your employees? You know Google algorithm is always changing, Is it using the up to date design format? If your website was last updated in the last decade, you are not doing your best for your business.

2. Your website is not mobile responsive

You can’t expect everybody to be on the desktop today. Mobile devices account for more than 60% of the total digital media time. Since mobile devices have become the go-to tools for information. Google now takes mobile device accessibility of websites into website rankings.

Mobile device optimization has become the key part of today’s successful digital strategy, but unfortunately, proper implementation of the same is often missed. Mobile responsive websites should load quickly and easily on phones and tablets. Roughly 50% of the all the local searches are done on mobile devices. Google reports that 57% of the consumers wouldn’t recommend a business with a bad mobile website.

3. Your business deserves better advertising

Advertising your website have changed over the years. While traditional offline advertising and paid advertising have their place, they don’t have the same permanence and usefulness as search engine optimization aka SEO.

According to Global Web Index, Up to 70% of the users across all demographics are either blocking ads or interested in blocking them. Making organic ranking for the keywords or paying for Google Adwords as the effective options for advertising your website. Using Google Adwords, if you ever stop paying for the ads then they immediately disappear and revert back your website to where you started. While organic search rankings will remain as long as you continue to optimize your website.

Smart advertising investments like Search Engine Optimization will help you win the long game offering the best return on investment compared to other forms of advertisements.

4. You need to sell smarter

Whether it’s selling on marketplaces like amazon or eBay or setting up your own e-commerce web-store to present your products, process orders and take payments directly from the customers, selling online is the new shopping mall in this digital world.

About 71% of the customers shop online in 2016 because they want they want to get a better deal. Setting up your e-commerce store is much easier and affordable now than the past. If you are not selling smarter by setting up your online store, you are missing out a huge chunk of customers.

5. You need better website content

As Bill Gates said, “content is the king” nowadays. Content matters wherever it appears on your website, especially on your site blogs. Since the internet has become important for decision making, people rely upon blogs. According to Hubspot, 92% of companies with multiple blog posts per day acquire a customer through their blog. Sites that blogged at least 20 times a month had four times more leads than those did no blogging.

And when it comes to your website copy, it should be a pleasant, professional and aspirational tone which understands your customer’s pain points. A great website copy and an active blog is a must for your digital presence.

Unfortunately keeping up an aggressive blogging schedule with high-quality content can be a challenge for small teams. When faced with their busy schedules, blog maintenance is one of the first things small teams give up on. But as consumers seek their own information, dedicating resources to blog and website content should be seen as an important investment to the overall marketing strategy.

If you are still going with that old and traditional website copy, get the attention of your readers with a new copy that commands authority and reflects your brand persona. Update your website in a way that your website copy triggers excitement, strikes your customers and urges them to take action.

6. You need better social media presence

More than 85% of the brands have social media presence and had advertised on social media. In this 2016 who doesn’t have at least one social media account? But only 26% of them integrated their social plans into overall business strategies.

Even though social media is an excellent place to audience attention, it’s a minefield for corporate missteps if the organization isn’t careful. Today, company’s social strategy should expand beyond regular updates and run ads to include a “social mission statement” and brand awareness that clearly set the company apart on social media, where most people in the world spends a good fraction of their time.
Social media is all about building a relationship with customers. Great social media policies and practices can lead to long-lasting, loyal customer relationships and positive reputations.

Consumers will change how they engage with the content, Google will release a new SEO algorithm and a new platform will emerge. Thus, the best practices regarding company outreach are constantly changing.

Keeping a close look at the online trends and listening to your analytics and acting on that information will give you a competitive advantage as new best practices emerge. Digital marketing teams at successful companies are constantly evaluating their efforts and tweaking their approaches to ensure maximum results.

It’s high time you bring your business strategies ahead. Do your business a favor, make a resounding impact and bring more value to your business with a digital makeover.

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I loved this article. Entrepreneurs need to upgrade to be ahead in internet searches. Beautiful site does not sell, it is necessary to have a good positioning and a good rankings.

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