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We are Kochi based full-cycle software development company. We build software solutions for businesses and startups to help their sales and marketing.

This is How We Work

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1. The Initiation

At the earliest stage, after client contacts us for the first time, we process the incoming request. Afterwards, we assign them a Project Manager who will accompany the project through the development process until the very end.

2. Vision

Here our Project Manager builds the understanding of what the product is made for, what problems it solves, its core functionality, and what client's business and future users expect.
We do that through the in-depth analysis of the business. It can be conducted remotely or on-site if necessary.

3. Functionality

Finally, when the vision was established, we figure out the core functionality of the project and begin the development when clients are ready to start.


Agile methodology means the pauseless work and improvement of the product.
We put the continuous business analysis in the base of the project development to simplify the process of making changes and look for the best solutions based on what we have and how it works.


Our team consists of tech professionals who enjoy making impossible ideas come alive. We write bulletproof code that is diligently reviewed and tested before the final release. Our top tech stack includes PHP, Python, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js

Our Tech Stack

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