CarTax & MOT

Car Tax & MOT

TEXT and EMAIL reminder service for your car MOT and TAX renewal deadlines to avoid any unnecessary fines.


Car Tax & MOT wanted to create an outstanding text and email reminder system with a beautifully crafted design.
  • Building an SaaS product from scratch.
  • Tight budget and deadlines.
  • Limited technical background of the founders.


Quinconx partnered with the Car Tax & MOT team and has been integral to its continued international growth.
  • Solid engineering service with the UK-based design
  • Implementing Paypal for online payments.
  • Integrating third party systems, such as DVLA


More than 2 years of ongoing cooperation with Quinconx yielded great results for Car Tax & MOT
  • Exceptional revenue growth.
  • Over 250,000 people using the service
  • Stable and reliable development of new features.

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