Cheveux Noirs

Cheveux Noirs

Hair growth oil from the 'Top haircare youtube channels of 2018'. Cheveux Noirs helps you maximize the potency of the natural ingredients it uses to regrow and revitalize damaged hair.


Cheveux Noirs is a next generation hair oil brand to regrow and revitalize damaged hair.
  • Understanding the clients’ growing needs and successfully upgrading the web application.
  • Integrating 3rd party logistic and payment partners
  • Crafting and implementing responsive and intuitive user interfaces.


Our client needed a comprehensive review of their product. Quinconx provided a full-stack solution to all problems.
  • Pro-actively suggesting new ways of improving the platform.
  • Precise but flexible planning and adjusting the team size to business needs.
  • Helping out with the design, implementation and automation of a new trade channel.


Cheveux Noirs has grown exponentially, building a community of beauty and hair enthusiasts around its business
  • The ecommerce platform have received very positive feedback from the client and the community.
  • Increasing revenue and helping Cheveux Noirs increase the number of sales.
  • E-commerce platform with the necessary functionalities and integrations built in 2 months.

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