HQ SEO is an SEO agency based in Cardiff. Established in 2012 with the sole goal to increase profits through smart result focused digital marketing, technical search engine optimisation & content marketing services.


HQ SEO is an SEO agency based in Cardiff helping business owners succeed and gain more free time so that they can give their customers more value.
  • Crafting and implementing responsive and intuitive website design from scratch
  • Lead capturing widget for marketing purposes
  • Shifting the client outreach process from the sales team’s efforts to a web interface.


Quinconx became HA SEO's technical expert, providing the company with UX designs for its projects.
  • Re-designing the website so as to provide increased stability and responsiveness.
  • Immediate testing on Quinconx's staging infrastructure and integration of proven software development processes.
  • A smooth communication flow and full transparency of the development process.


A few months after Quinconx took over the development, brand new website for HQ SEO became live.
  • Reorganised and updated Website.
  • Continuous development under a maintenance contract.
  • Access to a scalable development team.

Got Questions?

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We are ready to answer anything you might ask.