Wasil Shipping

Wasil Shipping

Wasil is the first fully automated shipping company in IRAQ. Its one of the groups of companies that focus on bringing iraq a step closer to the modern world by providing logistics services.


Wasil is a shipping company providing logistic services to its users from USA to Iraq.
  • An online system for booking & tracking shipments online needed to be built.
  • Old and inefficient booking technologies and the ambition to revamp the whole shipping sector.
  • Crafting and implementing responsive and intuitive user interfaces.


Wasil turned to Quinconx to help them withthe website. The main challenge was to translate the client’s vision into delightful user interfaces.
  • Creaing easy to use booking system.
  • Designing user interfaces for the shipping website.
  • Using top designing tools to provide the best possible outcome.


Cooperation between Quinconx's development team & Wasil went smoothly, and the client could quickly release the product on the market.
  • Fully functional Shipping system introduced within less than four months.
  • For now, the development team can work on modernising the sector by solving major problems with the outdated technology.
  • The company is on the path to becoming the leader in the shipping industry.

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